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Health Highway, a Silicon Valley based company, founded in 2000 has developed and released web based, on demand, HIPAA compliant products and services to improve the efficiency, reduce cost and increase profitability of the health care industry which desperately needs efficiency and reduction in administrative costs.

Our integrated, connected and managed applications currently in use by over 25,000 health care professionals are deployed over the Internet, available anywhere, anytime on clientís desk top browser, Wireless devices, PDAs, Point of Sale devices to automate on a real time basis the clinical and administrative work flow of Clinics, Health Care Providers (Physicians and Non Physicians), Patients, Health plans administrators, and Payers.

The integrated HIPAA compliant applications such as clinic's practice management, Electronic Health records, Document and Chart management, Remote Consultations,Claims Processing and revenue cycle management, patient portals, disease management connecting the Patients, Providers and Administrators

The company delivers customized applications for clinics, healthcare providers, health plans, benefit administrators, managed care organizations, hospitals, OEMís, system Integrators, Medical Web Portals, specialty health and disease management providers, ISPís and other health vertical markets needing to streamline, integrate and simplify the complexity of the entire healthcare chain.

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Web Enabled Architecture
Do billing, scheduling, access patients charts and run system reports from anywhere, anytime
Total integrated solutions
Integrated software providing realtime connectivity between provider, patients and payors
Subscription based software
Affordable, modular and easy to use. You can add new services later on.
Adaptive to your work flow
Easily customizable to your requirements including your website and workflow
Secure and maintainance free
Focus on practicing medicine, not maintaining a complicated sytem. We manage all your data and secure it