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Are your applications HIPAA Complaint ?

Yes, Health Highway software is fully HIPAA compliant. We have all the HIPAA ANSI transaction sets. We meet or exceed all security and privacy requirements.

What kind of computer system is required ?

You will need a minimum Pentium III PC with 256 MB of RAM, Windows 2000 or higher Operating system and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. However, higher computer speed and larger memory size will give you better performance. You do not require any servers or back up system.

How can I see my data while at home, office, hospital or while traveling?

Our system is totally web based. You can access the system using any internet or wireless enabled device. It works on all devices such as Desktops, Laptops, PDA’s, Tablet PC’s or Touch Screen.

Do I require a broadband, cable or just any internet connection can work ?

If you can access internet, you can use Health Highway. You can access Health Highway applications using any of the existing internet connections. ie DSL, cable, broadband, telephone and wireless modems.

How long will it take me to start using the system?

You can learn the system usually in two to three training sessions depends upon your requirements. If you know how to fill a HCFA form, you know how to use our billing system. If you know how to use point & click, you can start using our Electronic Medical Records. If you know how to copy documents, you can start using our Document Management System

In our practice we have 5 doctors and 3 locations. Does your system handle multiple providers, multiple locations?

Yes, our appointment system is a true resource based, real time scheduling system. You can schedule rooms, doctors, nurses, equipment, on any location, for any time interval and have composite personalized views. You can also run reports and view patient financial & clinical data in real-time from any location.

We are loosing a lot of revenue because of incorrect billing and no proper tracking on payments. How this system is going to help me ?

Health Highway Billing and Payments system will guide you every step to do a very expert billing and it has a powerful account receivables and revenue cycle management package. We provide intelligent tools for timely collections and avoiding revenue loss due to incorrect billing and codes bounced checks or ineligibility or lack of authorization.

Patient’s account balances, their share of responsibility, co-payments, deductibles, authorizations, utilizations, plan benefits can be seen at time of appointments, billing and payments posting.

Does your system take patients debit cards, credit cards and checks?

Yes, if you know how to swipe a credit card or read, you can use our card payment system. You just need to sign up with Bank Merchant Services. You will never have a bounce checks. Payments are deducted immediately and go to your bank account. You can also schedule payment plans and automatic deductions.

Can my patient do such functions as seeing their statements; pay their bills online and even schedule appointments?

Yes, patients can make their payments online, schedule their appointment and view their accounts and medical history using personalized Clinic’s website.

How secure is my data? Could someone steal my data?

Health Highway has industrial strength security infrastructure used by Fortune 500 companies and financial institutions. Health Highway system provides a much higher level of security than any conventional local area network or paper based system. We meet or exceed HIPPA requirements. Biometric security is available as an optional feature.

What do I do with my paper records?

Your paper records can be converted into digital format by electronic imaging system such as a scanner. Health Highway has software to structure, file and manage your electronic documents. Documents can be easily organized/searched by date, author, description, diagnosis and are accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Can I keep my data in my file? How can I get a copy of my data?

Yes. Upon request, for a modest fee, Health Highway will be happy to give you data on the CD-ROM on a regular basis. We recommand not to store data on your personal or laptop computers as they are not secure. Our data storage facilities are secure and we employ networks and managed hosting data centers normally used by large corporations.

How do I get started?

Call our sales representative and he will help you decide what you need and what it will cost. You can start using the system as soon as End User License Subscription Agreement is signed. A trainer with you and your co-workers will help you setup your clinic and provide you with the necessary training sessions to ensure your success.

Is the software easy to learn and use ?

Yes, we designed our applications specifically to be user-freindly for medical offices and billing services. In addition, you have access to online help, user's manual and technical support is included in the subscription.

Can I get a copy of the software?

Health Highway does not provide a copy of the software. It will be cost prohibitive for the clients to pay server license fees for small to medium clinics. Our product is subscription based for a modest monthly fee based on number of users and modules. The subscription fee usually includes data backups, updates and support.

Can I restrict selective data viewing to certain users?

You can personalize each users previleges to access/view data including from which computer, location & the time of day the data can be accessed. For example Scheduling, Registration, Billing modules etc.

Does the system provide direct electronic billing?

Yes. We facilitate direct electronic billing to government payers with our Direct EDI modules. A national clearing house is used for claims to private insurance companies.

Does it include all of the CPT and ICD-9 codes?

Health Highway contains all of the current approved CPT and ICD codes. We update them regularly and free of charge for support customers.

Are your transaction fees expensive ?

No, Health Highway is one of the most reasonably priced practice management, billing and EMR software. We pass on the savings acheived by economy of scale. You can start using the system for as little as $99/month/user.

Can I print my own HCFA claim forms or statements on my printer?

Yes. You can print HCFA forms and statements at any time to mail or file.

How long has Health Highway been in business?

The company was established in 2000. We have over 50,000 physicians using Health Highway designed applications in all the states.



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